Session guitarist testimonials:

“I’ve listened to the track over & over and I love it! You’ve understood the style & feel of the track  from our conversation and I can’t wait to put my vocals across it. I am over the moon and can’t thank you enough.  This is my first time using a musician to build a track and its been a very positive experience. ps. Love the slide guitar, couldn’t be happier!” – T. Redding, Singer/songwriter 

“The whole process of working with you was absolutely seamless and instead of trying to write/play a riff for weeks the whole song is now going to be finished much sooner than usual for me!” – Y. Osovsky, Singer/Songwriter

“My experience of working with Jordan has been amazing. As a singer who has just started out their music career asking for help is intimidating and daunting. Being able to simply explain a concept to Jordan, judgement free and with a can-do attitude has kept my motivation going. It’s a great boost being able to present high quality music. I’m very grateful for the experience and will be using Jordan again in the future.” – S. Brown, Singer/songwriter

“Lovely! It sounds great – inspired work!”  – Andy Hayman, Producer (Ronan Keating, All Saints, Sugababes)

“This was so simple and perfect I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner!” – E. Shepherd, Singer/Songwriter

“I would unreservedly recommend Jordan for any guitar project. He is totally professional, and a master of his craft.  He takes impeccable care in delivering bang on brief….and his musicianship is superb.” – S. Connor, Singer/Songwriter

“Oh my word, it’s like you’ve climbed in my head and played all my thoughts but only better, thank you so much!” – R. Clark, Singer/Songwriter

“LOVE what you have done with this what you have contributed to this track! You have exceeded my expectations. It’s crazy good.” – A. Kleist, Songwriter/producer – Melbourne, Australia

I’m so happy and grateful to have come across your recording services. You really are a songwriter’s guitarist. This album wouldn’t have been the same and the band itself wouldn’t have the new vision for what can be without your input and ideas. Thank you so much.  It’s also worth stating that you are a true professional – your timelines, and your willingness to Skype and receive feedback is very refreshing.” – D. Jordan, Songwriter/Producer – California, USA

“Just wanted to say thank you for what you did with my songs…will admit to shedding a tear when I heard what you did with my tracks, you gave them magic.” – T.V., Singer/Songwriter

“Amazing!…I’ve been listening to it over and over again and just loving it…Absolutely what I was looking for and more…And so quickly as well!” – G. Brown, Songwriter/producer

“I have to say it turned out amazing – I’ll have to come to you every time! You added flavour to it and gave it a nice polished finish, sounds great, can’t wait to get the track done! It’s been a pleasure working with you, where would we be without the Internet?!” – Lewis White, Producer/songwriter

“I’d like to say thanks for your time and commitment on the track. I’m 100% sure I have what I need to finish the track and get the ball rolling for a release. Love the parts you did, they definitely work with the flow of the track – great job!” – Matt IQ, Songwriter/producer

“I’m absolutely delighted, thank you for putting so much effort into producing this result, and all the little extras are a perfect fit for the track.” – C. Wilson, Songwriter, Scotland

“WOW! You really have captured the essence of the song and made it extremely rich. Just what I was after, really, really excellent. Thank you for your superb guitar skills!” – J. Thompson, Singer/songwriter 

“Wow….Great job, I wouldn’t change a thing…that was just how I envisioned it. Glad I found you!” – J. Ramono, Producer, USA

“Love the playing, the sound, and the solo. I knew you would do a great job!” – Rob Hubbard, Games composer

“So many of your parts, rhythms, and other bits have helped shape this song. Truth be told, your ideas helped us realize the song from the original idea to the finished product.” – D. Jordan, Songwriter/Producer – California, USA

“Listening over and over and love the feel. Thanks again, sounds awesome, love the work.” – B. Witt, Producer

“Spine-tingling, especially as the tune goes on. Super stuff, really. Thanks very much. I’m so glad you just kind of “get it”; there’s no way I could describe a performance like that beforehand.” – K. Kasriel, Songwriter/producer

“It sounds beautiful, I love it! Thank you very much!” – D. Ruiz, Singer/Songwriter, Thailand

“I absolutely love the style – thank you so much!  That’s exactly what I wanted. You have a great talent!” – S. Grech, Songwriter

“Jordan is a first class musician and a master of guitar sounds. I had a song which needed the right guitar part, and he provided it online in a couple of days, in a format which I could easily import into Cubase. File exchange means geography (I live in Germany) is no obstacle.” – A. Smart, Singer/songwriter 

“Wow! That my friend is nothing short of awesome. Great work Jordan, and thanks for applying everything in the brief that I asked for. Beautiful!” – S. Connor, Singer/Songwriter

“Jordan did an amazing job and the tracks sound very professional. I will certainly contact him again for any future requirements”– E Rustimagic, Producer, Slovenia

“Currently mixing the tracks you have played on….all sounding great so a big thanks to you for providing us with
some excellent sounding guitar parts.” – G. McFarlane, Producer

“This is great, thanks – it’s perfect!” – Tom G, Producer, Echoic Audio

“The track sounds very cool, thanks!” – W. Bradbury, Songwriter, Tokyo

“We love the parts! Thank you so much, you’re now one of my official go to guys” – Devin B, Producer, Florida USA

“Love the parts!  Sounds real good, I listened to it about 100 times and can’t see any changes that need to be made. Thanks again for going all out on this project, I really appreciate it.” – Seth Bates, Songwriter/Producer, California

“Sounds great, and I really appreciate you improvising some lines” – D. Dumant, Producer, France

“Sounds amazing…Really impressed with your work!” – T. Gwynne, Songwriter

“Sounds really good, thank you, you’ve captured the essence of the song. Sterling work.” – Tim W, Songwriter

“Sounding very nice indeed! Beautiful tones on the leslie guitar! Very tasty, and really dynamic with the piano, great interplay.” – D. Irvine, Songwriter/Producer, New Zealand

“Thanks for all your hard work and effort, and excellent results, you really added to every track that I sent you” – D. Cousins, Songwriter

“I’ve been listening to your recording all morning. Thank you so much, it sounds great and I’m just so amazed at how much effort you have put into it. You’ve done such a great job” – C. Mackay, Songwriter, Scotland

“Just listened to the track and I’m super happy with it, and very impressed. Thanks for making this such an easy transaction, I’m still amazed how quick and easy you made it for me!” – Naz Anine, Singer

“That’s brilliant! I love it! Thank you very much. I can’t wait to get started on adding the vocals. I especially like what you’ve done with the intro and the instrumental section – it sounds so much more current.”  – DeeDee Hughes, Singer/songwriter

“Absolutely perfect! It’s exactly what I’m after – very much appreciated!” – M. Coyne, Singer/songwriter

“Just given it a listen, it’s awesome! Thank you so much for doing it so quickly, I would definitely recommend you to others” – A. Kerr, Singer/Songwriter

“Wow…Jordan, just wow! No-one has ever helped my songs to the extent that you have! You’ve done an incredible job. Again, thank you so so much!!” – A. Abrahima, Singer/songwriter

“Thanks for the track, I really like it….everything is perfect” – K. Alsayegh, Singer/songwriter

“Thank you so much for everything Jordan. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate all the hard work you have put into making my songs sound so smooth, lively, sweet, encapsulating, energetic and strong all at the same time” – N. Hardy, Songwriter

“All the tracks sound great! It was good working with you and I’d definitely recommend you!” – C. Creese, Songwriter

“Wow, it sounds great. Exactly as I was hoping. I especially love the fills between verses, and the solo is fantastic. Thanks so much for the terrific work, it’s been a great experience.” – C Floyd, Songwriter

“I love it, extremely pleased. Just listened again and it’s perfect. I really like the flourishes you’ve added!”– Paul Hutson, Songwriter

“Just wanted to say thanks for the session, you were ace and have really lifted the track up a few notches” – C. Taylor, Producer

“That’s sounds f****n’ amaze balls!! Love it my man, absolute ace!!” – Robin Martin, Singer/songwriter

“I like your guitar noise, Daddy” – Jackson Humber (my boy, aged 3 and a bit, after making me play a song he didn’t know I played guitar on, 5 times in a row…)

Solo wedding guitarist testimonials:

“A huge thank you for playing at our wedding. You provided a professional, personal service, as well as being an amazing musician. All our guests loved your performance – we couldn’t recommend you highly enough!” – Sarah & Matt Phipps

“Thank you so much Jordan! We had a fantastic day and everyone loved your music! We had so many compliments about the laid back atmosphere, your music was beautiful and we were so happy with the ceremony pieces – amazing! Thank you for helping make our day so magical” – Charlotte & John Elliot

“Thank you so much for playing at our wedding. It made the day so much more special and all of our guests commented on how lovely the acoustic guitar sounded and what a nice chap you were! Thank you too for learning a piece that you hadn’t played before! Highly recommended.” – Pam & Dave Dormer

“Just to say a huge thank you for playing at our wedding….all the music you played for the ceremony was perfect and when I first heard Pachelbel’s Canon as I walked down the aisle it was magical. Everyone commented on all the entertainment we had throughout the day and you played a huge part in our perfect day. Thanks again, you were exceptional!” – L & J Kovac

“We want to say a very special thank you for playing the guitar at our wedding reception.  We received so many compliments about how it was lovely to have some acoustic music over our wedding breakfast. We had such a wonderful time and thank you once again for your contribution in making our day one that we will cherish forever.” – Clare & Sam White

“I asked Jordan to do the impossible for my wedding, not only was it a surprise for my wife but he had to arrange a piece, and to play with someone he’d only meet hours before performing. Jordan accepted the challenge and excelled. He is a true professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any event. Thank you so much for helping to make our day so special.” – Andre Lewis

“Thanks for being the consummate professional and all round nice guy when you played at our wedding.  The music was spot on and all of our guests really enjoyed it.  Walking out to Van Halen’s Jump was excellent, your rendition made it fit perfectly with our ceremony and the vibe of the day.” – Jim & Jen Simpson

“We had such an amazing day, which you contributed greatly to. We can’t praise you enough – you have a great talent!  You did very well in the heat too(!), a true professional.” – Lauren & Paul

“I just wanted to mail and thank you so much for preforming at my daughter’s wedding on Saturday. You really made the occasion special and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to family & friends.” – G. Knight

“Thank you so much for coming and playing for us! You were wonderful and our guests thought so too. Can’t thank you enough!” – Danielle & Steven

“We were sold as soon as we heard you playing at the wedding fayre! On the day of our wedding I know everyone was touched by the sound of your acoustic guitar during the wedding ceremony and also by your selection of tunes during the reception. Thank you so much for providing such a professional service, we could not recommend you enough.” – Chris & Lorraine Hampton

“We just got back from our honeymoon and just wanted to say a massive thank you for all you did on the day.
It was perfect and really made the day!” – Nicky & Matt

“Thank you so much for playing so beautifully over the champagne reception at our wedding. The music you played created a lovely atmosphere and was a fantastic addition to our day!” – Fiona & Charlie Phelan

“We just wanted to say a big thank you for doing our wedding music. It was absolutely brilliant and made our wedding day even more special. Our guests also commented how it made such a lovely atmosphere.” – Debbie & Steve Howard

“Jordan played at our wedding and I cannot recommend him enough. The music was a beautiful addition to the ceremony and he attracted a lot of compliments. He was extremely professional and personable, and not to mention a brilliant musician. We cannot thank him enough!” – Marianna Chaplin

“We chose to have an intimate wedding at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel and entered the ceremony to Jordan’s music, which filled the room with a romantic air. The tone of the guitar throughout the room was wonderful, bringing a tear to the eye to some of our guests. Jordan continued to play on the patio during celebratory drinks where our guests were able to relax and listen to a host of classical tunes. Thank you for contributing to making our day one to remember.” – Steve & Karen Yearsley

“Jordan’s acoustic performance during our wedding ceremony made the whole experience – for us and our friends – a wonderfully intimate and warm experience. There was a feeling of deep satisfaction as we enjoyed his music….and he even composed an original piece for us! Thank you so much ” – Clare & Daniel Prest

“Thanks again for your contribution on the wedding day!! We both had a fantastic time, and your playing was great. We watched a dvd of the ceremony the other day, and you sounded spot on. A truly professional performance!!” – Steve & Carly Bridger

“Thank you so much for playing at our wedding. Many guests of all ages commented on how lovely the music was. You really did contribute to the atmosphere of the day by offering such a varied and flexible song-list. We would recommend you to anyone else getting married” – Nicki & Andy Pedder

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for playing at our wedding. We had a fantastic day and really enjoyed your beautiful guitar playing, so thanks very much!” – Elizabeth & Matthew Flynn

“We just wanted to say a big thank you for wonderful music at our Wedding. The playing was beautiful and all of our guests were very impressed – you created just the atmosphere we were hoping for” – Nikki and Adey Griffiths

“Thank you for playing at my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding at Lainston House. Everything flowed perfectly, and you were an integral part of the day, once again many thanks” – M. Judd

“Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a professional job at our wedding. The music you played was really beautiful, and we felt fitted the occasion perfectly” – Adam & Hannah Newbold

Guitar teaching testimonials:

“You have been a fantastic teacher, knowledgeable, patient and informative.  I have made considerable progress with you and rediscovered my enthusiasm for playing,  and I have picked up some new skills that will keep me occupied for a while;  I have also gained the confidence to tackle pieces that I would never have thought I could play” – B. Gwillam, Student

“I’ve been having lessons with Jordan for a couple of years now and every lesson has been tailored perfectly to my needs. My abilities and knowledge have improved dramatically and I continue to feel inspired after every lesson. Money well spent!”  – C. Wilton, Student

“Personally I can’t imagine a better teacher. You have moved my playing on so much and the lessons have been in themselves so productive. Many thanks for your knowledge, support and inspiration which has been a huge gift over these last couple of years.” – R. Mukherjee, Student

“….a superb tutor, Jordan is an excellent communicator of both practise and theory, and is very adaptable to the student’s needs and interests. He is both challenging and encouraging….makes very effective use of different media….a fine musician on both acoustic and electric guitar.” – N. O’Dowd, Student