Jordan is a first class musician and a master of guitar sounds. I had a song which needed the right guitar part, and he provided it online in a couple of days, in a format which I could easily import into Cubase. File exchange means geography (I live in Germany) is no obstacle.
– A. Smart, Singer/songwriter

Increasingly there is a need for pro-quality recordings to be quickly available at an affordable rate. As well as being available for work in other studios, I operate my own recording studio allowing quick turnaround of recorded guitar parts.

The services provided allow clients to have professional quality guitar tracks recorded for their use, using high-quality equipment and taking into account as much creative input from the client as needed. These tracks can be used for studio-quality recordings, or as backing tracks for live cover bands. The whole process couldn’t be simpler….

Step 1: Email your track along with requirements/suggestions as to the direction you would like the track to go in and what you are want to achieve, or alternatively get in contact with the cover track(s) you would like the guitar parts recorded for. At this point you will be sent a quote. Estimates are in the region of £75 per track. Phone conversations and/or Skype are a great way to get the ball rolling, so please include your contact details in the original email and I’ll setup a call to discuss details.

Step 2: Guitar parts are recorded and sent in a compressed format (typically mp3) for review. At this stage any comments can be fed back into revised recordings.

Step 3: When the parts are exactly how you want, make the payment. You’ll then be sent the guitar parts in high quality .wav format so you can import them into your DAW for integration into your track.

Payments can be made online via Paypal, or via bank transfer. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the recordings provided, no fee is charged. You’ll hear the tracks before you pay so you can decide. 

Examples of past studio recordings can be heard on the Media page, and references from past producers/clients can be read on the Testimonials page.

Please get in contact to discuss your requirements. For answers to some of the more frequently asked questions I receive, please see this video.